I love what I do. I’ve worked with fresh start ups and I’ve worked with established clients. I choose my clients as carefully as you choose me because I invest in your business and your story - I want to see your branding work become a part of your success and reputation.

I specialize in branding, layout design and copy writing.



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I work closely with clients to create graphics to make their branding, marketing and advertising programs more effective. With my background in publishing, marketing and radio advertising I have a unique set of skills when it comes to the power of branding and cost effective marketing.

Graphic Design & Print
Corporate identity development, social media management and promotional products.
I design websites using (like this one!) to ensure you can update and control it yourself. They are SEO optimized and mobile friendly, designed for you to be able to update and run them long term.

Website Designs

Graphic Design & Print

“Branding is investing in your business,

and in your future .” 

Andrea was introduced to me by a friend and I communicated with her only by email, yet she understood exactly what was envisioned, really bought into the proposed idea and improved, expanded, perfected the project without corrupting the original character desired. Her work can be only commended, thank you very much!

Ruth Davis

Best in the west! She shares your vision and drives it as though it was her own so that the final product is a reflection of who you are. Professional but still incredibly approachable. Thank you Andrea!

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Andrea Leech for about 4 years now and have worked with her since starting my own venture. Andrea tunes into the needs of the client and has delivered tailored solutions to all her clients helping them engage their audiences over and over. Expect to have any expectations of a “traditional graphic designer” blown away when you work with Andrea!